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Who is Dogworx?

Dogworx was established in 2011 by Sandy Dow. Sandy was saddened by how many dogs she saw being surrendered or euthanised by heartbroken and frustrated owners who desperately wanted to resolve their dogs' problematic behaviours, but struggled to find the help they needed. Sandy uses her innate ability to relate to dogs, coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience with motivational training, to help pet owners and their dogs overcome any behavioural issues to create a mutually happy, rewarding life together. She also regularly rescues, trains and rehomes dogs that would otherwise be euthanised.

Sandy with her black Labrador Rocky and brown standard Poodle LennyAdorable yellow labrador puppyDog sitting in grass
Cute chocolate labrador puppy looking up at the cameraGolden Retriever sitting on a couch being petGerman Shepherd cross looking past the camera

Sandy believes it’s imperative that we consider our dog’s emotional state and the effects of their environment on any behavioural issues to gain an understanding of their behaviour, rather than just ‘shutting them down’ to stop unwanted behaviour. Thankfully there’s now research to support what some of us have always known – that dogs respond best to training that creates a respectful and trusting partnership between the dog and handler. Creating a respectful relationship with your dog using motivational training techniques that are based on trust and respect makes Dogworx ‘the care your dog would choose’.

What We Do

Puppy School

  • Ideal for puppies aged 8-16 weeks
  • Appropriate socialisation, training & enrichment for your pup
  • Useful tips on health care, emergency care and grooming
  • 4x one hour classes held at Paradise Point & Pimpama

Behaviour Consultations

  • One on One behaviour consultations conducted in your own home
  • Identify the cause of your dog's behavioural issues and appropriate strategies to overcome them
  • Motivational training techniques that are respectful and rewarding
  • Available from Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Behaviour Coaching Course

  • Ideal for dogs who need help with their behaviour and manners
  • Fun training tailored to help pet dogs thrive in day to day real-life situations
  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention for everyone
  • Option of three one-hour or six one-hour courses held at Oxenford on Saturday mornings

“The progress you have guided us through with Izzy is amazing. The previous training methods were not working and she was becoming a real handful and quite anti-social. Your techniques have been just what Izzy needed to develop into the intelligent and just a little bit cheeky dog that she is now.”

“Thank you so much for your help, Tex has been a different dog this week with only one setback so far instead of several so we are coming on in leaps and bounds!! Everything you said just makes so much sense and I’m glad I made the effort to get you here.”

“Thanks for the wonderful e-book, lots of VERY useful information here for me, which I am very appreciative of. I am so glad I opted to attend classes, Reuben just loved the company of the other puppies.”

“Our boy Nate recently completed and graduated from puppy school. Would like to say a big thank you to Sandy, she has been so supportive and knowledgeable. We have learned so much from you, you have helped to build our confidence as dog owners and our boy is benefiting every day in his training.”

Our Training Method

Building a strong bond with your dog and teaching them nice manners gives you the freedom to take them out and have fun together knowing that you can keep them safe because they’ll listen to you and respond when required. Rather than focusing on all the things you’d like your dog to stop doing, we prefer to teach you how to pre-empt unwanted behaviour to teach your dog impulse control, so your dog learns to look to you for direction in any situation. We’re not about turning your dog into an obedient little robot that’s too scared to move unless instructed; we want our pet dogs to be able to be who they are – even if they’re sometimes a bit quirky or crazy – while still having nice manners and looking to us for direction when required. Training your dog to be a confident, happy and well-mannered member of your family should be a fun and rewarding experience for you both – if you’re not both having fun, you’re doing it wrong!

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