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Behaviour Coaching Course

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For dogs who need help with their behaviour and manners! Our courses use motivational training based on understanding and encouragement to unleash your dog's potential and show you how to teach them a wide range of useful exercises and impressive tricks. This informative program explains what makes your dog tick so you'll be able to help them become a polite, happy dog you can be proud of

Flying Start Course

Flying Start costs $60 for three one-hour group clinics and is ideal for clients who’d just like to teach their dogs the basics of nice manners and training. We cover walking nicely on lead, coming when called, politely meeting & greeting other dogs, stop, sit, down and stay.

Level 1 Behaviour Coaching Course

Level 1 costs $110 for six one-hour group clinics. We progress the exercises from our Flying Start course, plus cover mat training, food refusal and giving your dog an outlet for their natural drives and instincts.

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